"Oh my gosh!!! I LOVE Breanna’s portrait!!! I took it to our family get together yesterday and everyone just raved and last night I took it over to show Marty and Charlie and their mouths just dropped and they were so impressed at your talent!! I am taking it to my sons’ today in Baton Rouge to show them.
 I simply cannot thank you enough….I will cherish this forever.  I would love to have one of all my grandchildren." 
Deborah Foster
"wow wow wow, we lov lov lov it (the painting.) It is better than I could have imagined. Thank you for using the gifts God has given you to witness to others. God Bless."
Kristen Burkhart
"Thank you so much for the beautiful memory you froze in time for Meg. She was truly touched by the beauty of your art. We will always treasure it. "
Lynn Franklin
"I had seen some of Rita’s watercolor portraits of children and knew that I wanted her to paint a picture of my daughter. I liked that Rita could keep the features of the children clear and true to life. I decided to have her paint one of my daughter when she was 19 months old and have it ready to present to my husband for Father’s Day. Rita took some pictures of Sophie in my home got some really nice shots. She then used one for the portrait she painted. I really love how it turned out. I love the colors she chose.  Our whole family will always treasure this painting."
Alizah Sekman

"When 'Meghan and Emma' (the portrait) has been at my desk in the Atrium, many who saw it have known Meghan since SHE was a child. The overwhelming reaction was awe - at the beauty & reality of the portrait...As if Meghan and Emma were the actual picture.... others stopped, not knowing anything about the portrait, merely drawn by the beauty of it, wanting to know how "that moment" was captured! It was always such a pleasure to tell them about you, having known Meghan since she was Emma's age! 
I could go on and on, Rita, telling how special this portrait is - Emma is 20 mo. now. She's not a baby anymore - and the moment you captured in that picture, with my precious Meghan loving her little baby the way I loved her - is something I'll treasure for the rest of my life, and be grateful to you for the gift that you gave us.
God Bless You for using your gifts!!
Meghan absolutely LOVES the painting! Rob took a picture of the portrait with his camera so he could enjoy it until it comes into their home!
It’s an heirloom piece of art, Rita, and will be treasured for many lifetimes.
Thank you for working so hard on it."
Love, Krista Henson

I have always admired Rita's incredible talent as artist - particularly portraits. I contacted her about painting a wedding portrait of our daughter, Malissa, who was married in Charleston, SC last Spring. I had a picture that was my daughter's favorite, but Rita noticed the intricate details that needed to be changed immediately because the picture was taken outside while the wind was blowing. She requested other pictures of her wedding dress so she could incorporate the dress at its finest. I remember being nervous the day she was delivering the picture. Thinking, how will she capture Malissa's true features, will it really look like her! I was amazed! It looks exactly like our beautiful daughter and she captured every feature of her face, dress, the feathers in her hair and even a little wisp of hair that fell to her neck. Many people have walked into our home and remarked what a beautiful picture it is and when I tell them it is a painting, they cannot believe it! Thank you so much Rita for giving us a wonderful, lasting reminder of a very special day in our lives! Thank you for using your God given talents to create masterpieces!


Brenda and Jeff Williams